Monday, 31 December 2007

Nigella Express BY Nigella Lawson

This is a pick up and dip into book. It's got some lovely recipes in which you'll want to make as well as drool over the pictures. It follows her series of the same name and once again the lovely Nigella doesn't disappoint.
Her recipes are quick, delicious and easy. If you've ever watched her show you'll know she's got a laid back approach to cooking which is more about enjoying food and being with people rather than being tied to a cooker.
There are some rather yummy breakfast bars you can make as well as quick meals and soups.

Well worth buying for any Nigella fan or for someone who'd like to cook but never has time.

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Father Frank by Paul Burke

Father Frank is a great story!

This story starts in Kilburn in London and watches a young boy accidentally become a priest. It's a really good story with some interesting and very likeable characters. The book weaves a feel good plot with a love story, which for a book about the priesthood sounds unlikely!
It is something that I found interesting as a non-catholic but wonder what devout catholics might feel about the story and the situation this wonderful priest finds himself in.

You can buy this book at - Father Frank - is available as are all orders at play with free delivery
This is a book you'll enjoy reading!

A follow on to this book is available

The Man Who Fell in Love with His Wife

Frank Dempsey is back - but this time as a father of a very different kind...Newly-wed Frank Dempsey, a former non-believing Catholic priest, can now luxuriate in the sublime joys of his wife's arms and the paradise of silk versus sackcloth. Yet Frank isn't off-duty from charitable deeds - when he isn't driving his black cab for a local taxi firm, he is in hot demand to speak at weddings, christenings and funerals. Or to inspire people to flock to the dancefloor with his skills as a DJ. From the Big Apple to the bitten apple, Frank soon discovers that the tempting sins of the flesh have consequences; when Frank becomes a real father, he realises he is going to need a miracle to feed the five thousand...