Friday, 27 June 2014

Vampire poetry

Vampire Poetry - I do like Mr Dinde's work. He's a little eclectic in his topics but the first verse of Blood lust strikes me as one of the loveliest verses I've read this week: "Blood lust frenzy fighting fast
Forever searching in the past
For how I got here and who I am
Vampire love strikes again
It's a poem I read out loud, the words race out and fill you with the urgency that must come with vampire lust!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Reading recipes and drooling

This recipe for a big mac in a bowl looks good!
The King of Croissants
I downloaded this to my kindle last night! The Royal Croissant Palace is in turmoil! The King has lost his Croissant Crown, and the whole palace has been put to work looking for it (including the Royal Doughnut Guard). The search is looking fruitless, until one member of the Royal Family saves the day. A story to delight both children and adults. Written by Swedish-based children's author Ian Glennon, and wonderfully illustrated by English artist Simon Taylor.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Michael Gove Colouring Book

I know this will entertain my teacher friends! An excellent end of year present for the staffroom I think! The Michael Gove Colouring-in Book